Retreat @ Home🏡

Retreat Season was always a special time for me in college. Whether I was involved as an attendee or a planner, retreats were so exciting. Time was carved out for God, and it gave us a wonderful excuse to escape campus. There’s nothing like silencing devices, surrounding oneself with nature or just silence, and convening with God.

As of late, I’ve been so busy. I’ve allowed my time with God to get pushed aside. From the loss of a dear friend, to upcoming life changes (starting medical school!), stress has suffocated me to the brink of cracking. Before that I was going through the motions, so this busy season pushed me past my already shaky routine with God.

So I’ve declared a retreat and fast with God, so that way we can rebuild. I’m sick of not wanting to get out of bed. I battle anxiety, and must be proactive in my walk with God because I know I am perceptible to emotional instability and periods of lowness.

Today’s retreat will focus on choosing joy and instilling healthy and spiritually sound habits to facilitate joy. I’m currently in what should be the happiest time of my life, so let’s find the joy in where I am with God because all I have is all I need, and where I am is holy. Here is holy.
“Blessed is she who believed that He would fulfill His promises to her.” -Luke 1:45

How to DIY a Retreat @ Home🧎🏾‍♀️

The Tools🛠

  • Bible (favorite version, Study Bibles & commentaries are welcome!)
  • Journal & Writing Utensil(s)
  • Quiet space
  • Calming Music
  • Water/Favorite Healthy Beverage (let’s skip the mimosa for now)
  • Healthy Snacks

The Run Down

  • Setup🪴
    • Find a space that is comfortable and exudes peace and joy
    • Since we’re at home PJs or sweats are always welcome
    • The bed is not recommended due to the increased sleepiness. (It’s giving the disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane 🙃)
    • Lay out of all of your supplies within arms reach of your chosen spot
    • Candles, natural light, fresh air and essential oil diffusers can also help set the atmosphere
  • Opening Prayer🙏🏾
    • I love using the PRAY method, but pray however you feel comfortable
    • PRAY = Praise | Repentance | Ask | Yes
    • Don’t forget to pray for others (your friends, family, significant other, community, church, leaders, school, work, your state, the nation, world, etc.) Nothing is off limits here.
    • Consider journaling your prayers
    • If able, pray on your knees to invoke a spirit of humility. If unable, you can always assume a humble heart posture.
  • Bible Study📖
    • Choose your favorite Bible Plan, Sermon Series or Book in the Bible to focus on here.
    • During my DIY @ Home Retreat, I watched a sermon from Pastor Michael Todd at Transformation Church. I also did a deep dive into my year-long reading plan from Bible Project.
    • Be sure to spend time here exploring what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.
  • Worship 🙌🏾
    • Worship is our weapon!
    • Crank up your favorite worship playlist and welcome the Holy Spirit in to your space and heart.
    • Check out the playlist I used below…

  • Repeat as long as the Spirit allows 🔁
  • Closing Prayer
    • Thank God for everything that has taken place throughout your Retreat @ Home

Let Us Pray

Dear LORD,

Please forgive us for how sinful we’ve been in doing Your will. Pride has led to molding due to inactivity. Refresh us O God and renew in us an upright spirit. Restore unto us the joy of our salvation. We pant and thirst for You. Pour Your Spirit into us; clean us anew. Reshape us Master Potter, we are clay in Your Mighty Hands. Shine Your everlasting light onto every dark space within us. We am Yours. You are welcome in the space of our hearts. We submit to what You’re doing here. Have Your Way LORD in our lives, hearts, souls, minds, emotions, thoughts, habits, shortcomings, sin, fears, disappointments, questions, doubts, pain, sorrows, guilt, shame, our everything. We are Yours. You are Holy and because we’re with You, Here is Holy. We praise You in advance for Your Surgery. Transform us!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Peace & Love,

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